Strategy analysis and risk managment software
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  Enables any investor, even less
  experienced investors to participate
  actively in the derivatives market,
  and provides option traders
  with capabilities, that until now have
  been available to professionals only.

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               The Best Strategy Builder System - Easy, Friendly and Versatile

Working Tools
Strategy Wizard - Optimization  
Powerful Seek-Engines  
Template Strategies  
Market Simulations  
Real Time & Delayed Quotes  
"Filter" Mechanism  
Solver - In position Engine  
Time Decay Strategies  
Analysis Tools
Smart Dynamic Graph  
Margins Bounderies  
Greeks Ratio Tracking  
Future Cashflow  
Market Prices Alert  
Risk Bounderies Deviation  
Open Interest Map Graphs  
Portfolio Value: Daily/Monthly.  
Administrator Tools
Time View - each day till Exp.  
Calendar View - Multi period  
Cash & Position View  
EMail Portfolio & Strategy  
Date Wise Pay Off  Matrix  
Day & Expiry Trading  
Entire Portfolio Risk View  
History back test trading  
            All these tools in one complete software system
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TRADOR Options is the Perfect analysis software for experienced,
professionals and new traders.

  The Easy Path To Professionalize Option Trading
Teach yourself the fundamentals of trading options without requiring
you to risk your own capital.

This windows software can save you a lot of money by deeply understanding
the complex derivatives market, options behavior, time decay, positions
maintenance, trading spreads or other complex strategies, maximizing
profits or minimizing losses, history back-trading exercise, smart
dynamic graph analysis, full portfolio management, solver and seek innovative
mathematical engines, planning ahead positions, extremely fast
strategy building and shifting, net monthly profit and loss documentation
and performance, recognizing and learning from past mistakes,
built-in education tools helps growing at any level and much more...

All these innovative and unique tools makes TRADOR Options your
ultimate options trading coach and the
         Perfect "GPS" software for options traders.
     Try out TRADOR Options free no-obligation 15-day trial today

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Markets supported: North&South America, Europe, Asia & Australia....

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Making money in the derivatives market. 

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   Important note :  

TRADOR is a decision support system software based on a complex market, user's theoretical assumptions and on data which, while believed to be accurate, is not guaranteed.
Furthure more, options involve levels of RISK not suitable for all Investors.

Continue with TRADOR only if you understand and accept this risk.