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Faq - Frequently Asked Questions
I have purchased a Trador Options License. When will I get it and How ?   

License is issued within the first 24 hours after payment.

If you are a new customer, we'll mail you a temporary License to Install.
   With the temporary License you'll be able to work with Trator for a few days.
   The first screen will display your HardwareID, which you'll mail to us along
   with your full name.
   After receiving the HardwareID from you, we'll mail you a permanent
   License to Install.

If you renewed your License, we'll mail you your new License to Install.

I have a legal Trador Options License. How do I transfer it to another computer ?   

Mail us your new HardwareID along with your registered full Name and mention that this is a trassfer request.
After that we'll mail you a new License for your new computer while Disableling your Old License.

Can one always profit with the help of the system ?   

No. Only the Federal Banks can print money. On the other hand, the system provides capabilities that investors didn't have up until now. The system serves as a Senior Financial Advisor available to you at any time, in any situation. With the help of these services your chances of succeeding in the complex derivatives market can rise immensely.

Is it possible to invest without being exposed to great risk ? 

An investment through the strategy that the system offers minimizes the risk immensely. The Investor can define the maximum loss of choice and the system will not offer a solution with a possible greater loss than he had defined.

Is it possible to only define profits to the system ? 

Yes, but it is unrealistic to find profits positions in the derivative market with no risk taken.

I don't have much cash as collateral. Can I execute strategies ? 

Yes. You can activate the system to find solutions without the need for collateral. The solutions will only be via purchasing in the market without writing, therefore there is no risk beyond the payment made in the purchase, so there is no need for margins.

Does the strategy take in to account costs such as commission and alternative interest in the market ? 

The system takes into account all of the costs when building the strategies. The profit displayed is the net sum.

Does the system give the best possible solution ? 

There is no such thing as one perfect solution in a complex market such as the derivatives market. TRADOR displays solutions that it found (according to the definitions of the investor), after seeking millions of mathematical variations and complex calculations. The solutions found are presented to the investor (for further analysis) according to his expectations regarding the collateral in his portfolio (less risk is top priority), meaning of the possible solutions, the first would warrant the lowest possible risk. Still, there are investors that will choose a different solution, to their liking. In any case these investors can choose their most favorable solution because of the search engine's unique abilities.

I have invested in the derivatives market in the past and there was a gap between my instruction and what was in fact executed ? 

This is a familiar problem known as "partial execution". The system cannot guarantee full execution, even though the speed and manner of execution will exceptionally improve the quality of execution. The quality and uniqueness of the system with the ability to generate strategies that take into account the existing portfolio position. Therefore we respond to partial executions by generating solutions based upon market prices that have changed.

Does the system calculate the margins needed ? 

Yes. The system calculates margins based on all of the scenarios needed in the stock market. Moreover, the investor can check margins bounderies in different undelying asset scenarios and in witch scenario more margins will be needed.

I've heard of sophisticated investors that fixate profits to expiration. Does the service provide this capability ? 

The strategy is called BOX. It is very hard in a complex market to execute this in a single phase. However, using the system wisely and with a certain methodology will be able to present you a number of options to use BOX in a simple and easy manner.

I am currently employed and I can't follow the market persistently. Can I still invest ? 

Most people cannot continuously follow the stock market prices. For investors like you, we have developed a variety of tools for opening and maintaining positions, plan positions ahead according to all possible market scenarios.

The costs of data are very high. How can they be reduced ? 

This is exactly what TRADOR iDelayed.  was developed for. Although the data appears in a 15-20 minute delay, it does not prevent you from planning a strategy or from finding solutions for a better position without additional pay for the stock market data

How do I know I'm not buying call/put for an unreasonable price ? 

In the Bid/Ask mode display (by clicking the "price" caption in the simulation table), every option in the position will have its quoted market price listed next to it. If the price of the option is highlighted in 
a yellow background, 
 that is a warning that the option is over priced by more than 10% of the Black/ Scholes price (someone is looking to take advantage of you), so be careful!

Is it possible to check the options inventory updated to present data market ? 

Sure. The system also allows you to execute simulations based on changing situations of the base asset. In any case all of the inventory's relevant parameters are checked: securities, profits/ losses, cash flow etc.

I can't predict the market direction. Will I also be able to use the system ? 

Yes. The system takes into account the situation of the base asset to the point in time you are generating strategies and also takes into account the posibility of rising or falling markets and will offer solutions for these scenarios.

What happens if all of the investors use the system? Will they execute the same actions ? 

Many struggled with this question. Every investor has different characteristics: different forecasts, different securities and different credit interest rates. Each one generates strategies at a different point in time, therefore the solutions are completely different and are personally matched to each investor. There are no two identical solutions for different investors.

As an importer I need to protect myself from devaluation. How can the system help me ? 

The system provides, with the help of the insurance Seek Engine, a highly standardized defense strategy. Often, some of them will be without premium insurance and this happens from selling more options that buying.

A broker is managing my derivatives portfolio. I do not understand what he is doing, can the system help me ? 

Our basic services provides you with a full control in order to show you your risks against the odds. Using the system will provide you with the ability to monitor the performance of your stock broker.

I want to start investing in options, but I have no understanding in derivatives and my mathematical skills are limited ? 

The basic components of the system were designed for people like you. The system will walk you through step by step and make all of the necessary calculations as well. You won't even need to choose the necessary calculations. The system will show a simple display of the profit/ loss index point for any type of inventory. Gradually you will learn the profession and find out that the system also serves as a learning tool that will expand your knowledge of the fascinating field of derivatives.

Has the system been tested in real life investments ? 

The system was developed by investors. Its uniqueness is in that it was actually developed during the time of investment. The gap between theory and reality has been reduced to minimum and system services were proven by investors to be impeccable.

Is it possible to seek for solutions with Bid/Ask prices ? 

Yes. The system (in Real- Time version only) can be switched to Bid/Ask mode. The Seek Engines will scan based on the market Real Prices.

How can I get real- time quotes ?   

Note: for real- time data you should have a stock market data provider with its own matching software.

 Click on the "Tools" menu and select "Options."
 Choose the "Market Link" Tab.

Open the Market Supplier ComboBox select from the list.
All above suppliers are Real-Time suppliers.
 Trador Site - means importing delayed data from our Web Site.
 History View - means importing historic market data and giong back dating.

  Now you can choose whether to load the stock market options manually or automatically.
  Confirm your choice by clicking "confirm" (upper left button).

  We are back on the main screen.
  If you chose the option of "loading automatically," the prices will automatically update within a matter of seconds.

  If you chose "update manually":
 We have to click on the button  "Online Share Details"
  (The button with the Icon with the three computers, on the right hand side of the seek engine button),
 every time we want to load the stock prices.

How do I Import Delayed data ? 

 Open the "Tools" menu, choose "Options..."
 focus on the "Market Link" Tab.
 open the "Market Supplier" ComboBox:
 Choose "Trador Site"

  Leave the "Load... as "Manual".
  Save changes by clicking the "OK" button (upper-left).
  We are back on the main screen.

 Each time we want to Import delayed data we should
 Click on  "On-Line Share Details..." button.
 (The button with the Icon with the three
  computers, on the right hand side of the seek engine button),

How do I switch to Bid/Ask prices Mode in TRADOR ?
 As default, On the Simulations table, the Last trade price is diaplayed.
 Changing to Bid/Ask mode is simple:
 Move the mouse over "Price" Title and Click the mose once.
 Title will swtch to Bid/Ask mode, another click will switch
 back to "Last" trade price.
 When on Bid/Ask mode, the Seek-Engines
 will seek for "Ask" price in case of "Buy" and for
 "Bid" price in case of "Sell/Write"

How do I change the Commission per option ? 

 Open "Portfolio" menu and choose "Properties",
 or Click the "Portfolio Properties" Button.
 Enter Commission details on the Right-Bottom screen.:
 A. Commission Percent - fill this field only
     if your commission is a percentage of the option price..
 B. Fee per contract - fill this field if you pay
     a fixed commission amount per Options.

 Finally Save changes by clicking "Save" (left-upper) button.

How do I perform different Market Scenarios (Market Simulation...) ? 

 Markwt Simulation is supposed to test positions on future market scenarios,
 so Risk and Odds are tested prior of executing orders on the Stock-Market.
 For example: Lets examine a position for two days ahead with a market scenario that raise of 3%.

 A. Build a position on Simulation/Market Table (upper-left table).
 B. Add it to the Inventory Table (bottom-left table), but Do NOT save it (it's an examination).
 C. Over Inventory Table Righ-Click and choose "Show position closed".
     this will cause oposit position be built on the Simulation Table, so that with .
     different market prices will display Profit or Loss.
 D. Click the Market-Simulation Button (fifth button from left).
     or Right-Click over Simulation Table and choose "Market Simulation".
     A new screen is displayed along with this months options and the Greeks for each Option.
     To make it easy, Just click on the upper-left button "Update Solution Area...",
     and we're back on main screen, but with a "Market Simulation" Yellow Panel.
     (You can drag this panel on screen from it's Title).
 E. Raise the date on the Market Simulation Yellow panel by two days.
     and Raise market Index by 3%.
     these changes will cause Re-Pricing the Options
     on the Simulation Table (Black/Scholes forrmula)

See the Profit or Loss with every change both on the
Profit/Loss Table and Strategy-Graph.
It's as easy as that.

What Criterions can be defined for the Seek-Engines ?
 Open "Tools" menu, choose "Options" and focus on the "Seek-Engine" Tab.
  Define Criterions:
 A. Short is NOT allowed - if checked no short is allowed.
 B. Number of actions in a Solution - maximum actions per solution.
 C. Number of Solutions displayed - maximum solutions
      list displayed (up to 40), 5 is default.
 D. Coefficient - optimum quantity calculated - TRADOR's internal algoritm
      calculates quatities according to Portfolio's Cash Balance, Collateral and more...
      Default is 1, and increasing it to 1.5 causes quantities to be Multiplied by it.
      Same if decreasing it to 0.5 and so on...
 E. Coefficient - Headging premium calculated - refers to the Hedging-Engine
      and the premium we aloow it to pay for hedging our Asset.
 F. Investment or Loan in Solutions - defines the present outcome
      cash-flow for each solutiuon. If "Loan" is chosen
      each solution wil have more "Sells" than "Buys", so we'll get a present "Loan"
      from the market.
 G. Allow Exeeded Marging - defines weather we allow seeking
      solutions which exeed margins, Yes or no.

How do I add executed orders to my portfolio (Inventory...) ? 

  1. Actions on Simulation Table (upper-left table):
      Check prices and quantities of the position (modify them if needed).
      Move mouse over the table, ricght-click and select "Add All Shares to Inventory"
      or click the Speed-Action button (on the table, second from top).
      Now we'll see all options on the Inventory Table (left-bottom table).

 2. Actions on Inventory Table (bottom-left table):
      This table is now Gray, means actions were made but not Saved yet.
      Move mouse over the table, ricght-click and select "Store Inventory"
      or click the Speed-Action button (on the table, second from top).
      Confirm the "Are you sure" question and we have our Inventory saved in portfolio
      and the Inventory table is now in normal white color.

How do I see the list of portfolios I have ? 

 Open the "Portfolio | List..." menu and a list of all existing portfolios will be displayed.
 Clicking on one will Load it into TRADOR.

The portfolio List is draggable on screen from it's title.

How do I open a new portfolio ? 

  Open "Portfolio" menu and choose "New...".
 Fill in the following details:
 A. Account Number - Unique.
 B. Name - Full name.
 C. Address - must fill something.
 D. City and ZIP Code - must fill something.
 E. Cash Balance - amout of cash in this account.
 F. Collateral:
      F.1. Collateral - fixed amount.
      F.2. Collateral=Cash-Balance" - Fluid margins, present cash is the margins.
 G. Frame - skip this field.
 H. Credit Annual Interest - the interest on cash in account.
 I. Percent (%) - if we pay a percentage commission.
 J. Fee per Contract - the fixed amount commission per option.

 At the end, press "Save" button (left-upper button) and go back to main screen.

 See the new portfolio loaded at the righ-end of the Menu line.

How do I see the Profit or Loss of my Inventory, if I want to close it ? 

  To do that, we'll simulate closure of the entire Inventory, by moving the mouse over the
   Inventory Table (left-bottom table), Right-Click mouse and choose "Show Position Closed", or
   click appropriate Speed-Action button that appears on the Inventory Table.
   TRADOR will then build the same position on the Simulation Table (upper-left table),
   but with opposite actions (instead of Buy there will be Sell and so on).

   Since the prices on the Simulation Table are Market Update Prices
   you will be displayed both on the Profit/Loss Table (upper-right table)
   and on Graph, the Profit or Loss.

Why can't I see all Strikes on Simulation/Market Table ? 

 Since TRADOR is a flexible platform, it's possible even to change the
  strike of each option, and by doing that we'll loose the original strike. To load all option
 along with their original strikes, move the mouse over the Simulation Table
 (upper-left table), Right-Click mouse and choose "Load All Shares".

Why can't I save the Inventory after adding options to it ? 

 Adding shares to Inventory Table should be done when the it's
 color is white, means that no Simulations was done on the
 Inventory Table (like dbl-click on a share will "clear" it temporarily).
 Prior to adding shares to it, if it's color is Gray, perform "Restore Inventory"
 and then add shares to it and perform saving it ("Store Inventory").

How do I switch to another Underlying Asset ? 

 Press the "Change Underlying Asset" (the Seventh button from Right,
 on the button Row).

 On the Asset screen, choose country, the type of Asset and select
 an Underying Asset from the list bellow, and confirm with "OK".

After Importing data, "N/A" appears on the price. Why ? 

 "N/A" is "Not Available", means this share was not traded yet and
 has no volume and no price.

 It can happen also when Inporting data before Stock Exchange is open,
 or if Imported Delayed 20 minutes quotes and the Stock Market
 opened 10 minutes ago.

After downloading the 30 days Free Trial, I get an Evaluation message. Why ? 

 TRADOR's Trial version was already installed and it's over 30 days.
 It can't be activated again.

 License has to be purchased in order to activate TRADOR.

What's the minimum Collteral amount needed to start trading options ? 

 In the derivatives market one can trade with any amount. It
 depends on your Broker's Terms, and you should ask him that.

How do I get Solutions from the Seek-Engines, that includes only options traded in the last 30 minutes ? 

 You'll have to exclude UnWanted Option "Out of the game".

 Do that by clicking the Top "Select Shares - Filter"
 button (fourth button from Left).

 We'll get the "Filter screen" with two Table both Calls and Puts.
 Each Click on a Title will Sort shares accordingly.

 On each Table we can Dbl-Click a share to Exclude it or we can
 drak over a number of shares together and exclude them all
 by clicking the "Delete Selected Lines" button.

 For example: Click on the Time Title and Sort it in Ascending Order.
 Drag over shares witch traded more than 30 minutes ago
 and exclude them by clicking the Delete button. do this action on each Table.
 Finally click the "OK" button (upper-left).

 We've come back to main screen, but in "Filter" mode.
 See on the Simulations Table only the shares that remained
 after excluding the rest and also see the "Filter" button under the
 Simulations Table is Pressed Down.

 Now we can activate Seek-Engines to find Solutions only with
 these remaining Options/Shares.

 When wanting to see all Options/Shares again press the "All"
 button under the Simulations Table.
 If we'll want to see the same "Filter" we'll click the "Filter"
 button under the Simulations Table again, and If we want a new
 "Filter" we'll click the "Select Shares - Filter" button
 (fourth button from Left) again.

Is it possible to activate the same TRADOR License from any computer, with password... ? 

 No. Each License is issued on a specific computer.

 For activating TRADOR from another computer you'll
 need to both purchase another License or Transfer current License to another computer.

How do I want switch to Bid/Ask mode prices and not Last-Trade prices ? 

 Click once on the "Price" Title on the Simulations Table. The
 Bid/Ask prices will be displayed, and another click will return
 to "Last Price" mode.

 Notice that TRADOR get's the Bid price when the action is "Sell"
 and the Ask Prices when athe action is "Buy". there is also
 indication on the Quantity (red background when exeeds market quantity).

 When the price is with Yellow background, means that someone is
 trying to sell expensively or buy cheaply.

How do I "Clear" an option from my Inventory ? 

 A share can't just be deleted from Inventory. It has to be "Closed".
 TRADOR's portfolio is being managed just like in a Bank, even when
 a transaction is wrong, one can only make another fixing transaction.

 So, when wanting to close a transaction in Inventory Table, we still
 have to add an opposite action from Up to Down (from Simulations Table
 down to the Inventory Table).

 Click on the share you want to close on the Inventory Table.
 Righ-click on it and select "Show Selected Shares Closed".
 TRADOR builds an opposite transaction on the Simulation Table,
 add this transaction to the Inventory Table (by clicking the
 Speed-Action Button on the Simulations Table) or Right click
 over the Simulations Table and select "Add All Shared To Inventory".

 TRADOR will display Profit or Loss information, computed from this transaction,
 confirm it and then save the new Inventory (by clicking the
 Speed-Action button) on the Inventory Table or Right-click
 over Inventory Table and select "Store Inventory".

How do I see the activity in my portfolio ? 

 Click the "Portfolio | Properties..." menu and on the new screen click on
 the "Show Activity" button (second from left on top).

 The actions taken on this portfolio will be displayed.
 Columns widths can be modified by dragging, and more actions
 can be executed, such as fixing wrong transaction and more...
 See the Movie Guides for more details.

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TRADOR  simplifies the derivative market up to the "Click a button" Level, and is a "Must" system for any Successful Option Trader !