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Dear Ronny and Support Team,

The best software for intra day trading, i came across. I find it very easy to control and examine positions. The strategy wizard and interactive payoff graph are great. All things are perfect.

Yours Sincerely,

Amar M. 

Sirs, Madams:

I trade options for 10 + years and I used to do the math on paper, I find trador to be great, it finally enables me to 'see' positions graphically and mathematically for optimization. Also thanks for a quick response even on weekend.

Vishal S. 

Dear Ronny,

Your software ( TRADOR) is an excellent tool for Option Analyzing. I am in option trading for last 3 years but I did not find anywhere such a perfect option analyzer software.

I am using trial version of TRADOR and definitely will buy when trial period is over. In TRADOR software, I found each and everything relevant to option but did not find Put Call Ratio (PCR) in terms of Open Interest which is very important part of option trading. Is it anywhere in TRADOR ? if yes then plz guide me or if it is not, Can it be incorporated in TRADOR ?

Anyway overall TRADOR is perfect tool of Option Anlyzing.



To Trador team,

As an option trader I must admit that since I started working with TRADOR it greatly improved my performance and my understanding of the market that has become simple and easy to trade and clear with no unanswered questions.

The system has a lot of useful functions that allows the trader not only review and plan well the strategies but especially improves the ability to study and understand all about manage strategies and improving trades.

The system allows simple visual perspective along with plenty more data, managing inventory and finance, beyond testing possible positions depending on conditions defined in advance and expiration view in several ways.

Easy to see the dependencies and the impact of Greeks and plan complex strategies easily, the Strategy-Wizard tool enables examining strategies at almost any angle with the click of a button.

A software tool that any trader must have, in my opinion.

I will conclude with praise for courteous and fast customer service with excellent support overall tha also includes great training videos.

I did not find any software tool that matches TRADOR, until I started working it. Many thanks to the development team for the current TRADOR and for upgrading it from time to time.

Warmly recommend software


Gadi P. - Daily constant User 

Dear Mr.Ronny Hass,

I am 58 yrs young from India having nearly 30yr various
field experience like perishable good trading and exporting
but novice in Options trading and like to recommend the
Trador with heart fully as I have personal experience,
Trador is a mentor for novice trader.
Very good service-support whenever needed anytime
in 24 hr wether day or night which is unexplainable but one might get
from Trador only The Product-strategy builder and
Option analysiser in multidimensional time viewer from
anyday to till expiration date is amazing & also guide me to
study and do the Paper trading with live market is excellent
Wishing the Trador and their customer success and congratulations.


Guruswamy P. 

Trador is Excellent.

I worked for quite a long time with my excel,
thinking it's quite smart and enough for my option trades.
My performances were quite lame and lost some money, was
frustrated long time, till my friend gave me a link to trador,
said it's good and easy.
I loved it from start and after working with it for almost a year now,
made profits and happy to see i am not so stupid
. Many thanks also to your support team help.

from Alex Green 

To trador team, I Love It

Before I came across trador, I was doing wild OTM call
trades, holding on to them after earnings call.
Lost quite a bit of my money.

Just three months on trador, understanding risks, spreads, and past mistakes, have been very successful and sleep better.
Learned a lot from your videos and software, thanks thanks thanks.

H.J. Kumar 

For all option traders,

Two years ago, I downloaded Trador.
The truth now is, that I don't understand how is it possible to trade options without Trador.
I am now able to know at any time what my income range and risks are, find the options I have to sell or buy and get the ideal situation.

The most important thing to me is the fact that the cost is hilarious, and worth every penny, I will not tell you in percentages how much money I have earned, but I'll say it a lot, even during very volatile market, Trador helped me find the right strategies for me.


Jacob.K - Investor 

Here is my warm recommendation,

The Trador system helps me understand thru the entire month where my risks and odds are, with every change I make.
Trador helped me acquire better understanding of the derivatives market, starting from the meaning of the "Greeks" and up to the escaping from uncomfortable situations.
I can say now that Trador had lightened the very dark road for me as an options trader.




I've been trading option for many years.
Trador does an incredible job of keeping it simple.

I would like to thank all Trador's staff for developing this system, that provides options traders of any level, a wonderful tool, both on building and managing strategies and up to maximum safeguarding against losses, in this sophisticated Derivatives market.

Wishing you success and Congratulations


I want to recommend trador, despite the severe declines of the last few weeks, the software had clarified my situation + it's suggestions were amazing and helpful!
And it helped me through the crisis with minimal damage.
Wthout trador i would have been crashed.

1. To my amazement all visual improvement
    requests of the software - were immediately
    performed = amazing service."
2. I hope that you publish this email

So derivatives dealers - without "Trador" = you risk your money. In every part of trading, the software clearly shows areas of gains (blue) and keeping them is child's play - and works by well-known motto "more than we love making money - we hate to lose".
If not complicated + earn money + fair Price = So why go without"

Wishing you success and Congratulations

Meny.L - a pleased customer 


You developed a system that provides great capabilities during trading hours.

Thinking about the little details that makes it a great system.
With all due respect I salute the wonderful work.

But above all a personal thank you for the personal, professional care and immediate response to questions.

Amos.R - Investor 

I recently heard about trador and I think it's an excellent software, that helps me in the process of making decisions.

I Highly recommend to anyone.



I am using trador for almost two years. I am very pleased with the contents of the software and its endless possibilities. I wanted to thank you for the technical support and the help each time.

All the best,


After graduating a designated course in trading options, I was looking for a software tool that will help in making trading decisions. In TRADOR I found what I wanted, the graphic presentation and simplicity, along with great sophistication.
Today TRADOR is an essential part of my trade routine.

Congratulations and thank you for the excellent service.


I've decided to send you feedback on two issues related to TRADOR.
I do use the software and the service given to me by you.

I am using the software for eight months, I can't see myself trade options without this tool, it planns various positions and tracks all my activity.
I hope you add more updates, for the benefit of all users.




Again I would like to thank you for all the improvements in the new version.
It's a pleasantly surprise that makes me excited with each upgrade.
I'd recommend this software to anyone that is interested in the subject.
The software is an effective tool and easy to use, improving and progressing constantly, with surprising updates and I really enjoy it.
I wish you success.


Isac.C - investor 

As you know, I am a Trador veteran client and I felt the need to recommend both the huge assistant I get on trading strategies and the excellent service and support to me and I am sure that all other users.

Congratulations and thanks,


I would like to say a few words about Trador software.
I use this software for the second year and am very pleased with the capabilities that can be derived from it.
Before Trador, I worked hard by calculating everything on paper or excel, but now the software does everything I need and displays my strategy on the current date or a few days ahead, till expiration.

Excellent simple and sophisticated software.

And to all options traders, this software is not a luxury ... it is mandatory for each and every one at minimal cost justifies every penny and affordable.

With thanks and appreciation,



For a long time I wanted to write, that I am so pleased to be working with Trador.

My previous strategies which I did with Excel took so much time.
The software completely changed my options trading thinking, and things that took quite a while for me, became so much simpler and faster.

Thanks for everything,



I am working with Trador for several years, it's a great and a must software for anyone engaged with the derivatives market, regardless of less or more experience level.

The system serves me with strategies for several days, and expiration strategies.
I don't execute anything before I test it with the software, seeing my exposures, Gamma, Vega etc.
I Sometimes use the search engine with the system that displays interesting insights and strategy improvements.

Menashe.B - Investor 

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