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Tips of Making Money - Four Basic Principals
 1.  Self Discipline  
  Always trade with money you can afford to lose Always invest the amount of money that in case of Loss will not affect your Fainacial Stability.
  Hedge your positions NEVER be exposed (to a Significant Loss) if Market Plunges.
Catastrofic events comes completely by surprise.
  Long run goals when trading with financial instruments Do NOT be Greedy.
When Investing, the difference between Rich an Poor is - Patience.
You can over time (years) earn in the derivatives market an average yield of 2.0% to 3.5% each month (portfolio value yield).
This is a great yield of about 25% to 40% per year (on entire portfolio value), that is doubling your money every three to four years.
Remember - Investors who want to earn per month (each month) 30%, are taking uncontrollable risks and are actually Gamblers, which Eventually leads to a TOTAL LOSS of their money.

 2.  Software Tools  
  Use sophisticated analysis tools Can you compute by heart? Don't need assitance from any software?
That is a Huge Mistake that Eventually costs expensively.
  Take control of your money Use a software, that gives you a PERFECT answer to any market scenario and gives you full control over your portfolio risks.
  Learn and read about the market Always be aware to Economical and Political News. 
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 3.  Invest - DO NOT Gamble  
  Always invest but never Gamble Never be exposed to an endless loss on any Market direction.
Therefore, Do NOT write Naked Straddle or Strangle. That is Gambling and NOT Investing.
Yes, Strategy Defense cost money, and lowers profits, Nevertheless, planning these kind of Strategies is the right thing to do and with a Peace of Mind and Profit/Risks full control.
  Manage your risks and odds Never Buy Naked Calls or Puts, even with a 100% confidence on market direction.
That is also Gambling and NOT Investing.
Always backup Buys with Sells in an entire Structured Strategy.
  Do not depend on luck, just on your mind. Work only with Strategies that are Limiting Loss.

For example: Want to build a Time decay (Burnout) strategy for two or three days? Build a Bull or Bear Spread with Deep-Out-Of-The-money Options, either with Calls oo Puts or Both, compute the Time decay (Burnout) for two or three days (of course you'll need a suitable software for that), follow the market and close the Strategy within two or three days, and take profits.

Would you like to automatically build such strategies?
In TRADOR, choose the Time-Engine, Enter the days parameter, Enter Index profit spectrum and Activate the Seek-Engine. The Time Engine will seek millions of different mathematical variations and will come p with the best and lowre risks solutuions that were found and match your request.
It's That simple.
See Movie Guides regarding Solution-Generators or Seek-Engines.

 4.  Coolness & Invesment Methodology  
  Coolness and thinking ahead is the best trading way Do NOT execute orders on every Market muvement.
  Be prepared on future market scenarios The expiration Graph is misleading and provides the exact view only for expiration day. But how will our strategy look a few days ahead? You must examine the Strategy's Risks espacially if there are many days till expiration.
See Movie Guides regarding Market-Simulation and Time-View.
  Trade wisely When approaching expiration, choose Time decay (Burnout) Strategies to work with and of course with Hedgings.
  Direction is not the best trading strategy Remember - Buyers of Naked Calls or Puts are Gambling and Mostly Loss money.
  Expiration day is always unexpected Do NOT Gamble on expiration Index/Rate.
  Becom a professional option trader Even if you won't use TRADOR It is recomended to watch the Movie Guides

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