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When trying to import data from the Internet, I get "Connection Error". Why? 

  There can be a few reasons for that:

 A. Upgrade your Microsoft Internet Explorer from their website to the last version.
      Sometimes old version Blocks the Importing data.
      Even if you use Google Chrome, the old Microsoft Internet Explorer can still Block some data Imports.

 B. Computer date is Lower than the Stock-Exchange date. This is an ILLEGAL situation.
      In this case, trying to import data will cause failure error.
      You should activate "Start | Settings | Control panel" and correct the compuetr's date.

 C. In case of WiFi Internet connection, make sure it's your network and not a neighbour's one.

 D. A Fire Wall or an Anti-Virus software are installed
     and prevents the Import process.
     For a block Import solution (from ZoneAlarm) 
     Get to "Firewall" under "Trusted Zone Security" Click on "Custom":

After "Custom Firewall Settings" screen opens Allow (Check mark) the
 "(Allow Outgoing DHCP (UDP port 67"

 E. In Windows Vista and in Windows 7 you should Activate/Run TRADOR 
     as Administrator.
     Right click on TRADOR's Icon and click on "Run As Administrator".

 F. In Windows 7 with 64 bit, click a Right-Click on
     TRADOR's Icon, choose- Properties
     and Check "Run this program in compatibility mode..." XP. (see picture bellow)

 G. ReInstall TRADOR - as follows:
   G.1. Backup every portfolio you'll need in TRADOR 
          Click on "Portfolio" menu and choose "Save as..." and save it in a directory
          that is not Under TRADOR's directory.

    G.2. Enter TRADOR's directory (usually under C:\Program Files) 
         and save the License file (XTRDCSF.yyyyyyyyy - when yyyyyyyyyy 
         is the User's Name and save it in a directory that is not Under TRADOR's directory.
    G.3. Delate entire TRADOR's directory (usually under C:\Program Files).
    G.4. Enter our Web Site and Install TRADOR's 30 days trial.
    G.5. Install the  Professional Version you have purchased.

    G.6. Copy the License file you've saved before (mentioned in F.2) into TRADOR's directory.
    G.7. Activate TRADOR and Import data.
    G.8. Load each portfolio you saved (mentioned in F.1) into TRADOR
           "Portfoio | Open..." menu...".

 H. Check definitions in Internet Explorer.
     Open Internet Explorer, and choose Tools | Internet Options
     Select Tab Security and Click on Custom Level Button.
     Find Paragraph ActiveX-control and plug-ins  and Check Enable
     Find Paragraph Downloads  and Under File Download Check Enable
        and confirm by clicking OK button.
     Finally confirm every screen by clicking OK Button.

 I. Send Us a Mail - We'll contact you and try to debug the problem.


Access Violation Error" occurs when trying to activate TRADOR...  -  What do I do? 

     In Vista  or  Windows 7 activate TRADOR as Administrator
     Right-Click on TRADOR's Icon and choose "Run As Administrator".

     For permanently run TRADOR as  Administrator,  click a Right-Click
     on TRADOR's Icon, choose  "Properties",  focus on the
     "Compatibility" Tab,  and under  "Privilege Level"
      Check the  "Run this program as an administrator".



"Access Violation Error" occurs when trying to Import data from Internet...  -  What do I do? 

     Check one of these options:

     A. In Vista or Windows 7 activate TRADOR as Administrator
         Right-Click on TRADOR's Icon and choose "Run As Administrator".

         For permanently run TRADOR as Administrator, click a Right-Click
         on TRADOR's Icon, choose "Properties", focus on the
         "Compatibility" Tab, and under "Privilege Level"
         Check the "Run this program as an administrator".


     B. Delete TRADOR.INI - First exit TRADOR software.
         The Configuration file is located in C:\Program Files\Trador directory
         and is probably corrupted.
         Get into C:\Program Files\Trador direcory with "My Computer" Icon. 
         Find the configuration file TRADOR.INI
         Righ-Click on it with the mouse, choose Delete and confirm "OK".

         Now, Activate TRADOR software again and try Importing data.

     C. ReInstall TRADOR software.
         See ReInstall TRADOR - Paragraph F


Why can't I see the Help file? 

  Try the "Help | Contents" menu (from within TRADOR).
   If file is not displayed, navigate (with Explorer) into
   TRADOR's Installed Directory (e.g c:\Program Files\Trador) and
   see if "TradorEn.chm" file exists.

   Double clicking on it activates it.

   If it doesn't exists try Installing Trador again.

After downloading the 30 days Free Trial, I get an Evaluation message. Why? 

 TRADOR's Trial version was already installed and it's over 30 days.
 It can't be activated again.

 License has to be purchased in order to activate TRADOR.


What is the "Warning! Check your inventory. File may be corrupted!!!." warning ? 

 Data that was supposed to be written in the Portfolio file is corrupted!!!

 Navigate (with Explorer) into TRADOR's Installed
 directory (e.g c:\Program Files\Trador\cfiles),
 check all file (Ctrl+A), Right-Mouse-Click on the
 checked files and activating "Properties".
 The "Read Only" attribute should NOT be "Read Only".

 Try loading another portfolio, and if this message appears again, you should
 examine your Disk or Backup all your Portfolios
 and Install (Paragraph F) TRADOR again.


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